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A Step-by-Step Tutorial for placing an order using the shopping cart system. Please note: As the Web site transitions to a new design, some of the pages may look different. The operation of the shopping cart is still the same.
Manage Shopping Cart
Manage Your Shopping Cart

STEP 1:  Click "Buy Now" button (blue for marine shells or green for non-marine shells) to add an item to your shopping cart (see below).

STEP 2:  A small window will appear asking for you to confirm your selection. Click "OK" (see below).

STEP 3:  The Manage Cart page will open, showing your selection(s). You can change the item quantity, or remove an item from your order. To continue shopping click the Return to Previous Page button and repeat Steps 1 and 2. To complete your order click one of the two sales tax options and then click Checkout Now. Please double check the items and quantities you have ordered before moving on to the "Checkout" screen (see below).

Note:  For your convenience an order tally is located in the masthead of all pages. (see below).

STEP 4:  From the Checkout page re-confirm your order. If you see any discrepancies, use your browser's back button to return to the Manage Cart page where you can make adjustments to your order (see below).
NOTE: Other than adjusting an order entry on the Checkout page, it is best to navigate around the Web site using the shopping cart navigation buttons and the yellow tab menu at the top of each page to navigate around rather than the browser "Back" and "Forward" buttons. This will avoid any chance of corrupting your order.

STEP 5:  Complete the Billing information. When paying by credit card, use the address that appears on your credit card statement. It is important that you include your email address, otherwise your order will not be received (see below).

STEP 6:  Complete the Shipping information if different from the Billing address, otherwise just click the small box (see below).

STEP 7:  Select your preferred method of payment and add any notes pertinent to your order in the Comments field. You are now ready to submit your order. Click the submit button. A thank-you page will appear and you will receive a confirmation email of your order. You have successfully place an order with Worldwide Specimen Shells. Please read the Terms & Conditions when placing an order.(see below).

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.
We look forward to adding the finest quality specimen shells to your collection:

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