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Special Lists Special Lists Special Lists
Cyber price lists with special specimens and other unusual shells that don't often make it to our regular listings.
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Collections Collections Collections
Small collections of specimen shells grouped by families and/or geographical locations. All contain specimen quality shells with data.
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Worldwide Shell Notes Worldwide Shell Notes Worldwide Shell Notes An occasional newsletter with a wide variety of shell collecting topics for new and advanced conchologists.
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    ISSUE #1
  •  What Family for Colubraria?
  •  Beginner's Corner - Conchological Terms "P"
  •  At Long Last - A Correct ID for a Popular Helicostylid

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    ISSUE #2
  •  Conus baylei - An Earlier Name for Conus arubaensis
  •  Beginner's Corner - Conchological Terms "M"
  •  The Mess With Mesanella
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worldwideconchology.com worldwideconchology.com worldwideconchology.com
"Conchology - The Art & Science of Nature at worldwideconchology.com" is our non- commercial Web site with picture galleries illustrating hundreds of marine and non-marine shells arranged taxonomically. A number of species are uniquely illustrated here. Articles, slide presentations, games and links to other conchological resources are included on worldwideconchology.com. Take time to explore the many facets of worldwideconchology.com.
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Art & Science of Nature Art & Science of Nature Art & Science of Nature
Understanding the Beauty of the Natural World is the focus of this Blog for shell collectors and anyone interested in the beauty of the natural world. "Art & Science of Nature" (ASN) aims to bring together the most beautiful and fascinating aspects of the natural world using the foundations of science and sociology to enable a better understanding and appreciation of nature. Though the emphasis is on the Phylum Mollusca many other earthy topics will be explored on ASN.
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