Conchologists Of America Web Site If you want to learn more about the fascinating hobby of shell collecting, check out CONCH-NET the home page of the Conchologists of America, Inc, an international organization devoted to the interests of shell enthusiasts - the beauty of shells, their scientific aspects and the collecting and preservation of mollusks. Conch-Net was one of the first handful of conchology Web sites to appear on the Internet, and has grown to contain a wealth of information about shells and shell collecting, written and compiled by some of the leading experts in the fields of malacology and conchology.
Alabama Mollusks - FreshwaterAlabama Mollusks - Freshwater (AMF), as the name implies, is a Web site devoted to providing images and information about the non-marine mollusks of the State of Alabama. Site creator Debbie Wills illustrates many of the know species of freshwater mussels, the Unios, recorded from the region. The freshwater page is part of a larger Web site that includes a checklist of the Gulf of Mexico marine molluscan fauna found along the shores of Alabama. A Web links page points to other important Web resources related to the freshwater mussels and the ecology of Alabama, and a bibliography of the relevant non-marine molluscan literature of Alabama is extensive. AMF is a Web page that sets the standard for illustrated regional molluscan faunal survey Web sites. ALABAMA MOLLUSKS - Freshwater has been recognized with a Web Award.
Cone ShellsCone Shells - The Collection of Giancarlo Paganelli  is a specialty Web site illustrating hundreds of shells in the worldwide molluscan family Conidae. The Web site includes a cone shell primer, literature references, fossil cone shell images, and a few antiquarian color plates of various cones. The images are easily accessible using an alphabetical interface. The pictures are of high quality and illustrate multiple angles of the shells allowing for easy identification and shell comparison. Giancarlo Paganelli has taken his passion for collecting cone shells and given conchologists around the world an opportunity to view his extensive collection. The site is periodically updated with new species images and variations of those species that already are contained on the site. Cone Shells has been awarded a Web Award.
Digital MurexDigital Murex  is a specialty Web site that pictures a broad range of Muricidae images. The site is the creation of G. Thomas Watters, Ph.D. of The Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity. The Web site is easily navigated and contains hundreds of high quality Murex images. Digital Murex is a must visit Web site for Murex specialists and general collectors alike. Digital Murex is a Award winner.
Jacksonville Shell Club Home PageThe Jacksonville Shell Club Web Site is the official presence of the Jacksonville Shell Club on the Internet. The Web site is more than just a Internet club newsletter though. It is loaded with shell images, articles, and information for shell collectors of all interest levels. Links to other conchology-related Web sites are included. Web-master Bill Frank's interest in Caribbean shells is evident with an awesome image gallery of West Indian shells. Over 500 searchable pages with shells, articles and checklists makes this a very important Internet-conchology resource for shell collectors. Image galleries of other molluscan families are being added periodically. The Jacksonville Shell Club Home Page combines science and art in an enviable club Web site and is a recipient of the Web Award.

The Living World of MolluscsThe Living World of Molluscs is a Web site created and maintained by Robert Nordsieck of Wien, Austria. Robert has taken his extensive knowledge of mollusks and formed Web page after Web page of authoritative information about molluscan taxonomy, biology, ecology and history. Many high quality images of living mollusks and diagrams adds immense interest and information to this site. Beginners and advanced collectors will find Robert's Web site both useful and enlightening. The Living World of Molluscs stands out as one of the most content-rich molluscan information resources available on the Internet.
Peter's SeashellsPeter's Seashells is the creation of Canadian conchologist Peter Egerton. Peter's Web site focuses on shells found around the shores of British Columbia, yet it also includes a gallery of his favorite worldwide marine and landshells. An overview of molluscan classification and seashell morphology is quite educational, but not excessively scientific. Peter's Seashells was awarded the Web Award, and rightly so. Spend time with Peter's Seashells. You won't be disappointed..
Websitium OperculataWebsítíum operculata is a specialty Web site dealing with the operculum, or trap door of molluscan gastropods. Nancy Smith has designed and created a highly innovative Web site that incorporates operculum images, each which reveal the host shell when the mouse pointer is held over an image. A link to additional species information is provided. An educational/ research section deals with the structure, growth, types, and utility of operculums. This section is quite informative. A chart that illustrates the diversity of operculum types of each gastropod family is also provided. The Web site is rounded out with a relevant bibliography. Websítíum is a Web Award winner. Make sure to add Websítíum to your bookmarks. It is one Web site that you will want to frequently revisit.
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Shell & Nature Photography by Bob Abela