Hawaiian Seashells
by Mike Severns

Seashell lovers finally have a solid, full-color guide to identify 360 species of Hawaii's seashells, both common and rare. Each of the 63 families begins with a stunning photograph showcasing distinctive features and capturing the artistic beauty of the shells of each family, and is followed by an introduction to that family's characteristics, habits and ecology. But where this book becomes a truly valuable resource is the species photographs. Every species photo is a double exposure showing both the back and underside of the same shell, making identification crystal clear! Species range from those commonly found in tide pools to some that were brought up from as deep as 1,000 feet and are rarely seen. Mike Severns, a biologist whose primary interest is Hawaiian tree snails, has taken 25 years of work with Hawaiian seashells and combined that experience with his knowledge of photography to produce an invaluable and artistic reference.

Hawaiian Seashells. Hardcover, 278 pages, 6" x 9", 473 color photos. 2000 Island Heritage Publishing. $15.95. Order a signed copy directly from the author or Amazon Books.