illustrates a diversity of sea, land, and freshwater shells from around the world through the use of high quality digital images. Our "modus operandi" is to illustrate each shell in its natural state, to show variations of individual species, and to picture obscure shells not often illustrated in popular conchological literature. The shell images are created to bring out the natural artistic beauty of the shells.

It is NOT our intention, though, to illustrate every known species of shelled mollusk. Many common shells are pictured in readily available books and shell magazines and it would be redundant to do so here. What you will find are illustrations of unusual color forms, geographical variants, and close up detail of individual shells to gain a better understanding of the structure, form and variation that can be exhibited by one species. Along with easily accessible links to other shell image Web Sites and with the use of illustrated shell books, the shell enthusiast will have the resources and images needed for easier shell identification. Artists will find creative inspiration through the unique colors and patterns of the shells illustrated on this site. And for the non-collector and naturalist, these shell images will open up a whole new world of appreciation for the natural artistic beauty and scientific value of shells.

Rich wearing his other hat as a television producer on site at Cape Canaveral, Florida for the launch of a NASA science mission.
Richard L. Goldberg is the creator and designer of Rich started shell collecting many years ago, but did not become actively involved in the hobby until he joined a newly formed shell club back in 1976. Since then Rich has actively participated in the local and national shell club scene. After co-editing a local shell club newsletter, Rich became the editor, between 1979 and 1981, of the Conchologists of America (COA) official publication, then called the Conchologists Of America Bulletin. The COA Bulletin is now called American Conchologist  (AM CONCH). Rich has also served as Vice President (1985-86) and President (1986-87) of COA, the youngest to hold that post to date. Other COA posts held include Publications Chairman, and member of the Editorial Board and staff of AM CONCH. He has also worked with a small committee of COA members called the Lambis Group, to form The Conchologist's Information Network, CONCH-NET, the official Web site of the Conchologists of America. Over the past 25 years, Rich has also been a judge at numerous shell shows around the country, including participating as a co-judge at a first ever national shell show at the COA convention in 1999.

Rich has traveled extensively throughout the world in search of shells. Over the years, he has developed a keen interest in the study of the terrestrial mollusks. Rich is an avid photographer and examples of his shell photographs are found throughout this Web site. His shell and live molluscan photographs have appeared in many conchological books and publications. He has also written many popular articles in conchological journals and publications over the past 25 years. Rich's profession as a television and media writer/producer/director has allowed him to infuse his skills and knowledge of media production into the design and development of this Web Site. He has won numerous national and international awards for television productions he has written, produced and/or directed. Rich also wrote and produced the first television program geared strictly for the conchologist, Focus On Conchology.

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